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Internal Audits' primary responsibility is to review significant functions at Temple University and to help ensure that:

  • internal controls and safeguards are adequate and effective,
  • generally accepted accounting principles are being followed,
  • selected regulatory and legal requirements are being complied with, and
  • University policies and procedures are being followed,

Mission Statement

Internal Audits provides quality, independent evaluations of designated University activities as a service to Temple University and the Board of Trustees. We assist Temple University in effectively accomplishing its mission and assist the Board of Trustees in the exercise of their fiduciary responsibility by rendering objective appraisals, analyses, suggestions, counsel and information.  We serve as a catalyst to strengthen the control structure over the financial, operational and information systems.  We are committed to using a solution-oriented, participative approach with management to improve the quality of operations.  We conduct our mission in a manner that complies with all applicable professional standards.

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Internal Audits is staffed with a team of specialists who have diverse professional backgrounds and experience.