Audit Processes and Services

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Audit Processes and Services

Audits are initiated by Internal Audits with input from the President and senior management of the University.  We identify audit areas in an audit cycle plan approved by the University President.

Audit results are reported to the auditee, the Management Audit and Compliance Committee, the University President and the Audit Committee of the Board of Trustees. Consultations can be requested by any University administrator.  The results are reported only to the administrator requesting the consultation.

Action Plan Completion and Reviews

Internal Audits performs the initial follow-up reviews approximately 30 days to five months after the completion of an audit.  Internal Audits is required to advise the President and Audit Committee of the Board of Trustees, via our semi-annual follow-up reports, of any areas that have not implemented the agreed upon corrective actions/solutions.

Developed Solutions Status (DSS) Form

Internal Audits uses the DSS form as a tool to follow up on outstanding issues/corrective actions that were identified and not implemented during the course of the audit.  A question is asked for each outstanding issue to determine if corrective actions/solutions have been implemented. The DSS form is distributed to the appropriate department head and/or dean.

Internal Audit Process

The Internal Audit Process describes the various stages for routine audits.

Types of Audits and Services

Internal Audits conducts various types of audits.  We also provide consultations by request.

Audit Cycle Plan

The Audit Cycle Plan specifies all areas and activities that are scheduled to be audited/reviewed by Internal Audits over the next six years.