Audit Cycle Plans

Audit Cycle Plans

Each June/July, Internal Audits and the Management Audit and Compliance Committee review the University's Audit Cycle Plan (ACP). The ACP specifies all areas and activities that are scheduled to be audited/reviewed by Internal Audits over the next six years. There are approximately 125 different areas identified on the ACP with audit/review frequencies varying from every six months to once every six years. The ACP is divided into six-month cycles and contains the estimated hours required to perform each audit/review. The purpose of the annual review is to conduct a risk assessment of University activities to ensure that Internal Audits' resources are being focused to best meet the needs of the University. Both Internal Audits and the Management Audit and Compliance Committee believe that this process ensures that the proper areas and activities are receiving Internal Audits' attention.

The Semiannual Objectives Plan (SAOP) is the listing of audits/reviews to be performed by Internal Audits during a six-month cycle. The SAOPs are extracted from the Audit Cycle Plan and contain a prioritization of each audit/review as well as a brief description of the planned scope.

The ACP and SAOP are reviewed and approved by the President and provided to the Audit Committee of the Board of Trustees.